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Eating icecream together with your treasured people is one of the best moments in life that you could ever have.

Celebrating friendship at the place that you both love is really perfect. Korean food and good friends, building deeper relationships, talking about personal things and enjoying every laughter that you share with each other, these things will surely fill and make tour nights wonderful.

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Growth: It’s up to you!

Growth begins when you decide to grow. It also begins when you walk outside your comfort zone.

Some people are basing their growth on the quality of their leaders or mentors. They say that they will grow better if they have these kind of leaders. Unfortunately, many people failed to experience growth because of this thinking. Why?

Remember, growth happens in your inner self. It’s when you decide to do things in an excellent way and when you come out of your little room called “comfort zone”.

Are you ready to come out? Are you ready to become uneasy? Are you ready to feel uncomfortable? If yes, that’s when you will only experience the true meaning of growth.

You can’t just blame others if you are not growing. You can’t say, “I’m not growing because my leader is not motivating me!”, “I’m not growing because my leader is not supporting me or he’s not pushing me to do this and that!”, “I hate it because my leader is not that smart and sensitive!”.

Why blame them when the real problem is you?

No matter how good or skilled your leader is, you will never grow if you do not do what you are ought to do. Stop balmaing it to others, the problem is your attitude and your thinking. 

Change the way you see things. Renew your mind. Remember that growth begins when you decide for yourself to grow. 

Change your attitude. See your leaders as guide, do not depend on them, depend on God instead, because He is the One who makes things grow.

Make a decision to grow and God will show you how to do it. It’s not easy, remember, it can be painful but think of yourself as a tree. You need to experience pruning for you to produce good fruit as you grow knowing Christ deeper and deeper. Building an intimate relationship with Him will make you grow stronger and firm. Nothing can ever shake you or destroy you, because Christ is your foundation.

I say it again, it’s up to you if you want to grow. 


“Innocent beach, in behalf of them, I’m sorry.”

Let me tell you one thing, BE RESPONSIBLE AND A GOOD STEWARD.

We had a chance to go to the beach with some family and friends. For a three-hour travel, it’s not that bad, and I think it was a great place to spend your bonding with your family or with your friends. However, there were things that made me extremely sad. This innocent and beautiful beach is being abused by the irresponsible people.
It saddens me because some people, no, most of the people don’t have the feel of responsibility in taking care of this beautiful place. I can’t take it when I see paper cups and plastics floating in the water. Trash here and there.

All they care about is to enjoy, take photots, eat and then throw their trash wherever they want. It pisses me off, seriously. Well, I have the right to get mad at them because I do not do such things. Since I can’t take it, I picked up some of the trash and showed them that, “Hey, take care of your own trash, be responsible! Do you not learned it on school!?” look.

God created these beautiful places for us to live in a beautiful world but I guess we only want to enjoy it and forget how to take care of it.

Let us not destroy these creations. 

Be responsible with your own trash. Don’t just enjoy the place, take care of it also. That way, the next generation will still see and enjoy it someday.

Dear innocent and beautiful beach, I’m sorry for their irresponsible acts, I’m really sorry. 😣😢😭

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Don’t try to be someone else.

Do not feel anxious in everything about you.

To those who are reading this, I just want to tell you these things:

You are one of a kind

You are one in a million.

You are precious.

You don’t have to pretend to be someone else.

You are original.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

You are not ugly.

You’re not worthless.

You are not accidental.

You are not a nuisance.

You are not a problem.

You are beautiful in your own special way.

God treasures you.

He loves you more than you love him.

He wants you to come to him and accept everything about you because that is how he created you.

He did not make a mistake when he created you. Everything about you is beautiful. 

You are wonderful in every way because the One who created you is perfect.

You are born to succeed, and not to lose.

You are born to achieve everything you want in life according to His purpose.

You are a winner.

You are a treasure, believe me.

Just be you. Be you.

You don’t have to be ashamed about how you look, how your eyes are made, or about how high or flat your nose is, or how thick or thin your lips are.

Those are just vanity.

Appreciate your self-worth. 

Love everything about you, even your flaws. 

Hey, at some point, we all think the same, but let us remember that we don’t need the praise of others about our looks. What matters is a kind and good heart. 

Do not compare yourself because each one of us has differences. We should embrace our differences and love everything about us, just as how God loved us from the beginning while he was creating and giving us his fresh breath that gives life.

God loves you, and I know you already know it. 

God bless you!


Run in such a way to get the prize

Don’t run aimlessly, it will get you nowhere. Don’t run alone, it will tire you. Don’t run while holding extra baggages, it will only exhaust you. Run, as if it is your last chance. Run, because you know that there is a finish line. Run, and let go of everything that slows you down. Shrug it all off. Look on what is ahead and forget everything in the past.

Just like the athletes, they undergo such trainings before going in a competition, in relation with the race that we are now facing (the race of life), experiencing hardships and trials are necessary because it is our ‘training ground’.

We need to strengthen our feeble feet and arms. We need to become flexible. We need to have a goal. What is our goal? Well, our ultimate goal is not to become the first one to finish the race or get the recognition of the crowd. 

Our ultimate goal is to finish the race no matter how long, how hard, how tiring or how painful it is, what’s important is that we are able to finish it, because we know, that great is the reward in heaven of those who finished the race. 

Our Father in heaven sees you heart while you persevere. He knows how hard it may become or how far is our capabilities. Remember, he will never put you in a situation that is beyond your reach. He is waiting for us on the finish line. 

Our reward is being with Him and having an eternal life where our joy is complete and without lacking anything.

Keep running. Keep the faith. Keep believeing.

Trust the One who knows our future. 

Brothers and sisters, let us run with one goal without giving up! 


Love Came Down

A love came down and rescued me, brought me back and set me free. A love that never gives up and never runs down. A love that flows like a river. A love that saved you from death to life. A love that gives hope.

As Jesus died on the cross for our transgression and iniquities. Being selfless and humble, he went through something that cannot be done by others, since we are all sinners.

Bearing everything with him, he didn’t blame us or curse us, but he gave up his life instead, without any second thought. 

His love can change everything. As in everything. His love shows no favouritsm. His love is unconditional. His love is never ending. His love is not just for rich or for poor, his love is for everybody.

It’s the kind of love that lasts forever. The Agape love of God. Therefore, do not say to yourself that no one loves you. You’re wrong. You are loved by an amazing lover. You are loved by your Creator. You are loved to the point of laying His own life for you and for me.


Something to be thankful for

When life is getting hard and a bit tiring, we always come up with this question, “Why Lord? Why did you let these things happen to me? Am I bad? Or did I do something wrong that I have to experience this kind of hardship?”

We keep on asking questions though we already know the answer. It’s a part of being alive. We feel pain, we get hurt and we get exhausted. We must feel happy because we still feel these things. This is the most colorful part of life, being able to live to the fullest.

Remember, God made both good and bad. We thank Him for the good things, therefore, let us also thank Him even if we experience such troubles.

Experiencing bad things can make us braver, once we overcome it, we go to the next level, until we reach the level wherein we will never be afraid no matter what happens because we know, deeply in ourselves, we can do it because God is going to give us the strength to do so.

So if we ever experience such things, do not be afraid. Fight as if we already won the battle. Claim the victory. Give thanks to everything, whether it is good or bad.

Do not let fear box us, instead, box our fear and throw it away. There are so many things to be thankful for.

We are alive.

We love.

We are loved.

We are victors.

We are winners.

We are precious in the eyes of our Creator.



Roads are not always smooth

When we were children, we act like a child, talk like a child, behave like a child. We thought everything was easy and that we could get everything that we wanted to, but then again, it’s not what we think the way things are. We can ask our parents easily by crying or by doing sweet things that they like. But then, everything were changing dramatically as we grow up. 

As we grow day by day, as years are passing by until we come to an age where we can finally understand that the things we thought was easy, are not easy as we thought it to be.

No one said the life is going to be easy, but we all know that this life—our very own life, is going to be worth it, if we live according to the purpose of God, the one who created it.

Good things and bad things are made not to break us, God made it so we can be stronger, tougher and depend on Him in our toughest times. Roads of this life are not easy, but God made it meaningful and beautiful beacause He will make a way for you to get through it. He will not break you, because He will be with you and help you get throught it.