Roads are not always smooth

When we were children, we act like a child, talk like a child, behave like a child. We thought everything was easy and that we could get everything that we wanted to, but then again, it’s not what we think the way things are. We can ask our parents easily by crying or by doing sweet things that they like. But then, everything were changing dramatically as we grow up. 

As we grow day by day, as years are passing by until we come to an age where we can finally understand that the things we thought was easy, are not easy as we thought it to be.

No one said the life is going to be easy, but we all know that this life—our very own life, is going to be worth it, if we live according to the purpose of God, the one who created it.

Good things and bad things are made not to break us, God made it so we can be stronger, tougher and depend on Him in our toughest times. Roads of this life are not easy, but God made it meaningful and beautiful beacause He will make a way for you to get through it. He will not break you, because He will be with you and help you get throught it. 


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