Love Came Down

A love came down and rescued me, brought me back and set me free. A love that never gives up and never runs down. A love that flows like a river. A love that saved you from death to life. A love that gives hope.

As Jesus died on the cross for our transgression and iniquities. Being selfless and humble, he went through something that cannot be done by others, since we are all sinners.

Bearing everything with him, he didn’t blame us or curse us, but he gave up his life instead, without any second thought. 

His love can change everything. As in everything. His love shows no favouritsm. His love is unconditional. His love is never ending. His love is not just for rich or for poor, his love is for everybody.

It’s the kind of love that lasts forever. The Agape love of God. Therefore, do not say to yourself that no one loves you. You’re wrong. You are loved by an amazing lover. You are loved by your Creator. You are loved to the point of laying His own life for you and for me.


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