Run in such a way to get the prize

Don’t run aimlessly, it will get you nowhere. Don’t run alone, it will tire you. Don’t run while holding extra baggages, it will only exhaust you. Run, as if it is your last chance. Run, because you know that there is a finish line. Run, and let go of everything that slows you down. Shrug it all off. Look on what is ahead and forget everything in the past.

Just like the athletes, they undergo such trainings before going in a competition, in relation with the race that we are now facing (the race of life), experiencing hardships and trials are necessary because it is our ‘training ground’.

We need to strengthen our feeble feet and arms. We need to become flexible. We need to have a goal. What is our goal? Well, our ultimate goal is not to become the first one to finish the race or get the recognition of the crowd. 

Our ultimate goal is to finish the race no matter how long, how hard, how tiring or how painful it is, what’s important is that we are able to finish it, because we know, that great is the reward in heaven of those who finished the race. 

Our Father in heaven sees you heart while you persevere. He knows how hard it may become or how far is our capabilities. Remember, he will never put you in a situation that is beyond your reach. He is waiting for us on the finish line. 

Our reward is being with Him and having an eternal life where our joy is complete and without lacking anything.

Keep running. Keep the faith. Keep believeing.

Trust the One who knows our future. 

Brothers and sisters, let us run with one goal without giving up! 


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