“Innocent beach, in behalf of them, I’m sorry.”

Let me tell you one thing, BE RESPONSIBLE AND A GOOD STEWARD.

We had a chance to go to the beach with some family and friends. For a three-hour travel, it’s not that bad, and I think it was a great place to spend your bonding with your family or with your friends. However, there were things that made me extremely sad. This innocent and beautiful beach is being abused by the irresponsible people.
It saddens me because some people, no, most of the people don’t have the feel of responsibility in taking care of this beautiful place. I can’t take it when I see paper cups and plastics floating in the water. Trash here and there.

All they care about is to enjoy, take photots, eat and then throw their trash wherever they want. It pisses me off, seriously. Well, I have the right to get mad at them because I do not do such things. Since I can’t take it, I picked up some of the trash and showed them that, “Hey, take care of your own trash, be responsible! Do you not learned it on school!?” look.

God created these beautiful places for us to live in a beautiful world but I guess we only want to enjoy it and forget how to take care of it.

Let us not destroy these creations. 

Be responsible with your own trash. Don’t just enjoy the place, take care of it also. That way, the next generation will still see and enjoy it someday.

Dear innocent and beautiful beach, I’m sorry for their irresponsible acts, I’m really sorry. 😣😢😭


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