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Growth: It’s up to you!

Growth begins when you decide to grow. It also begins when you walk outside your comfort zone.

Some people are basing their growth on the quality of their leaders or mentors. They say that they will grow better if they have these kind of leaders. Unfortunately, many people failed to experience growth because of this thinking. Why?

Remember, growth happens in your inner self. It’s when you decide to do things in an excellent way and when you come out of your little room called “comfort zone”.

Are you ready to come out? Are you ready to become uneasy? Are you ready to feel uncomfortable? If yes, that’s when you will only experience the true meaning of growth.

You can’t just blame others if you are not growing. You can’t say, “I’m not growing because my leader is not motivating me!”, “I’m not growing because my leader is not supporting me or he’s not pushing me to do this and that!”, “I hate it because my leader is not that smart and sensitive!”.

Why blame them when the real problem is you?

No matter how good or skilled your leader is, you will never grow if you do not do what you are ought to do. Stop balmaing it to others, the problem is your attitude and your thinking. 

Change the way you see things. Renew your mind. Remember that growth begins when you decide for yourself to grow. 

Change your attitude. See your leaders as guide, do not depend on them, depend on God instead, because He is the One who makes things grow.

Make a decision to grow and God will show you how to do it. It’s not easy, remember, it can be painful but think of yourself as a tree. You need to experience pruning for you to produce good fruit as you grow knowing Christ deeper and deeper. Building an intimate relationship with Him will make you grow stronger and firm. Nothing can ever shake you or destroy you, because Christ is your foundation.

I say it again, it’s up to you if you want to grow. 


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